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Rage In Paint would like to welcome everyone to our website.                                                     Check our Calendar to see where Rage In Paint members will be playing this year.                                       This has been an excellant year for us.                                      We would like to welcome all of our new members.                                               Our TEAM MEMBERS section has been updated!                                                       Need to contact Rage In Paint?                   Visit us on our Forums or Facebook page at                      

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Rage In Paint Scenario Paintball Team

Our team is located in northern Indiana.   Rage In Paint members adhere to a strict code of honor in scenario paintball.   Play fair and play hard.   It is this principle that binds Rage In Paint Scenario Paintball Team members together for the common goal of maintaining a fun, fair, and competitive atmosphere in scenario paintball.     Teamwork!     This of course is the whole purpose of joining a team!     Actually, we consider ourselves not just a team, but a family.

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